PowerBOX 63Amp 3pH+N+E 400V “CUBe4” 16A +32A 1PH+N+E +3pH+N+E 400V with RCBO's (1)

Product description

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PowerBOX 63Amp 3pH+N+E 400V “CUBe4” series

  • Incoming ( rear ):
  • 63Amp 3P+N+E 6h 400V IP67 Appliance inlet Red colour.
  • Outgoing ( rear ):
  • 3 x 16Amp 1pH+N+E  6h 230V IP44 panel socket Blue colour
  • 3 x 32Amp 1pH+N+E  6h 230V IP44 panel socket Blue colour
  • 1 x 16Amp 3pH+N+E  6h 400V IP44 panel socket Red colour
  • 1 x 32Amp 3pH+N+E  6h 400V IP44 panel socket Red colour
  • 8 green leds (OUT),
  • Device protection ( front ): 
  • Main OUT : 1 MCB 63A 4p-C 6.000/10.000A
  • 3 x RCBO 16A 1pN-C 6.000A IΔn=0,03A type AC
  • 3 x RCBO 32A 1pN-C 6.000A IΔn=0,03A type AC
  • 1 x MCB 16A 4p-C 6.000/10.000A & RCCB 40A 4p Idn=0,03A AC.
  • 1 x MCB 32A 4p-C 6.000A + 1 RCCB 40A 4p IΔn=0,03A type AC.
  • 1 x Earth Stud
  • 1 hinged window 6U DIN IP54.
  • Internally:
  • Installed accessories: 1 fuse switch 3pN 10,3x38mm + 1 set incoming leds 
  • Technical data : IEC 61439-1 & 2 / PSC, Un : 400V 3pH+N+PE, fn : 50Hz, 
  • InA : 63A, Icc : 6.000A, RDF : 65/100, IP : 44, 
  • Electrical insulation class : I (first).

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Available in many differennt configurations, built to your individual specifications. Call us to build yours.

Product information

Incoming Amperage 63 Amp
Incoming Phase 3pH+N+E 415v 3Phase
Outgoing Sockets 16A 1pH+N+E 230v 3Pin
Outgoing Sockets 16A 3pH+N+E 415v 5Pin
Outgoing Sockets 32A 1pH+N+E 230v 3Pin
Outgoing Sockets 32A 3pH+N+E 415v 5Pin
Incoming Appliance Protection MCB Type C
Outgoing Socket Protection RCBO Type C 30mA AC
IP Rating IP44 Splashproof
Housing Material Thermoplastic
Connection to supply Appliance Inlet
International Standard IEC 61439-1 & 2
International Standard CE Approval
Country of Origin Made in Italy
Our no:
Manufacturer no:

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