High-performance electrical products for industrial applications

When you require intelligent, safe, high-current transfer for your industrial environment, it’s important to choose a brand that stands out for quality and reliability. MENNEKES is a world-leading manufacturer of pin and sleeve wiring devices, switched and interlocked receptacles, disconnect switches and power distribution products. But more than that, we build lasting relationships with our customers through sustained product and service excellence. Every day, MENNEKES backs up its reputation for customer satisfaction with innovative, robust, reliable, high-performance products that withstand the toughest conditions in industries throughout the world.

MENNEKES: The right solution for every application

Where high currents have to be transferred safely and economically, our customers and partners can always rely on MENNEKES. We think holistically and create powerful connections that enable people to handle energy more innovatively and to distribute and manage it more intelligently.

Typical applications

  • Railway and transport companies
  • Shipyards
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Industrial applications
  • Military
  • Event and entertainment
  • Fire brigades and civil protection
  • Data centres