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Powerlock industrial power connectors are heavy duty, harsh environment plugs and sockets that are used to safely connect electrical power supply up to 800A. At Distribution Zone, we work with the leading UK manufacturer Powersafe, to provide the very best Powerlock products.

Powersafe single pole connectors are the highest rated, safest and finest quality powerlock plugs and sockets. They are manufactured in the UK and are used by industries worldwide. Powersafe connectors are available as inline plugs and panel mount sockets that easily terminate to low voltage copper power cables (i.e H07RN-F) using industry standard crimp tools or set-screw contacts.

Alongside the standard single pole plugs and connectors we also have Sequential Box's available as source or drain versions. The come with either 5 ports or 4 ports (no neutral). Alternatively, ask us about a Dummy Plug to turn a 5 port box into a 4 port box temporarily. The Powersafe box can be panel-mounted, providing the most cost-effective solution, or brought out to an external or safe position. Large power connections can be catered for by stacking the units allowing for even the largest of low-voltage supplies to be connected in a safe way.

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With many Powersafe products available on next day delivery, we’re ready to help you power your business or event in any part of the world. Choose from the categories below to see the relevant powerlock products.


Powerlock products

Powerlock products are available in line and panel mount format. Panel Mounts are industrial sockets you can install with either an M12 nut or M12 bolt.


Main advantages of Powersafe powerlocks

  • High Current - Capacity up to 800A
  • Locking Mechanism - Keyed locking mechanism cannot mismate
  • IP67 - Water & dust protection rating (IP67)
  • Shock Protection - Finger-proof protection against electric shock (IP2X)
  • Flame retardant - Flame retardant materials (UL94-VO)