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Mains Plugs & Sockets

High quality 13Amp extension leads and trailing sockets from Masterplug Permaplug part of British General, if you’re looking for a quality product then look no further, this is probably the very best you’ll find. Also available as a rewire able 1 gang 2 gang or 4 gang, add your own cable and make your own custom extension leads.4 Gang 2 Gang or 1 Gang rewireable Sockets, 13Amp Masterplug Fused plugs.Heavy duty construction. Ideal for use with power tools, portable lighting and electrical appliances. Also available 15Amp plugs and sockets.Buy Masterplug Permaplug, buy the very best.The Professional’s choice


2 to 3 days

IEC lock C13 Outlet

Next day delivery

IEC Lock + C13 rewireable connector

2 to 3 days

IEC lock C19 Outlet

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