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H07RN-F Rubber Cable by Length

There's H07RN-F and there’s Nexans Lineax and Titanex H07RN-F. So, if you’re working in the events environment we’d expect you know exactly where we’re coming from, we’ve tried selling the alternative, it’s just not what our customers want. Once you’ve handled Lineax or Titanex Rubber Flexible cable there’s no turning back, it’s the professionals choice.

H07RN-F Lineax is an industrial flexible cable designed for a wide variety of applications and as well as on building sites is ideal for festivals, concerts, sporting events and severe industrial environments. If you’re looking for a suitable cable to supply temporary power to audio-visual and lighting systems together with on-site electrical distribution equipment, we suggest either Lineax or Titanex H07RN-F from Nexans. For a full list of H07RN-F Cable by length see below.

Copper Surges to a Two-Year High on Supply Risks.
Over the last 24 months raw materials, transport and labour have all remained relatively stable and as a result we have been able to keep prices fixed for this time. Unfortunately, we now live in a very different and uncertain time.
There is a significant material shortage where demand is outstripping supply with regards to Copper, Silver, Steel, and Plastic along with additional challenges with container costs rising 4-fold.
Due to these materials and container cost increases we will be adjusting our prices to take account of these movements. 
Should you need to discuss this increase further please get in touch with our sales team by email or call us: 0044 118 9326990

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused