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H07RN-F Commando Rubber Ext Cables

Our made up cables are supplied with either PCE or Mennekes IP44 or IP67 CEE17 IEC309 Commando Plugs and Sockets, they are typically assembled in 3 working days. Also available off the shelf with H07RN-F standard cable, made to order using Nexans Lineax or Titanex cable. For made up cable assemblies using Nexans Lineax or Titanex H07RN-F cable, please call us or email us with your requirements. All made up cables are Crimped with Bootlace Ferrules and supplied with full test certificates . HO7RN-F cables are designed to provide high flexibility and have the capacity to withstand weather, oils/greases, mechanical and thermal stresses. Applications include handling equipment, mobile power supplies, building site power, stage event and audio visual equipment Etc.


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