Powerline 25m length of 2.5mm² 3Core cable 16A 2P+E 110V 5 Drops

Product description

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  • Powerline is a 16A 2P+E 110V linear power distribution system, which can be installed above ground level, reducing the risk of slips and trips on site.
  • Ideally suited for installation in corridors where space is often at a premium and where each outlet can provide a source of power for individual rooms or flats.
  • Powerline is available made to order or as standard of 25, 50 and 100 metre lengths of 2.5mm² 3 core flexible yellow Arctic grade cable with a moulded-on, one metre long “T” drop at every 5 metres.
  • Fitted to the end of each drop is a 16A 2P+E 110V coupler socket, for users to plug-in lights and small power tools. A 16A 2P+E 110V plug is fitted to the supply.
  • Powerline should be protected at source by a double-pole MCB rated at 16A or less. It may also be necessary to provide RCD protection for the circuit, particularly if Powerline is hard wired to an MCB and not plugged-in to a 16A socket. To avoid overloading Powerline and to calculate the volts drop at each outlet.
  • Powerline has been specifically developed for arduous site applications. The multi-way connections within each “T” section are provided with effective strain relief prior to encapsulation in an inert polymer with high dielectric strength.
  • After initial curing, the inner moulding is encapsulated within an outer moulding, which provides additional strain relief and ensures a high level of protection against water ingress. The high level of integrity achieved with this moulded arrangement is not consistently achievable with product assembled from tee boxes with compression glands, which loosen over time allowing the outer sheath to be pulled through the glands, exposing the inner cores and negating protection against water ingress.
  • Powerline with different length drops and / or with drops at different spacing can be made to order.

  • Also available made from 4mm² 3Core PVC Arctic grade cable.
  • Powerline is also available for 230 volt applications, made from HO7-RNF rubber or PVC Arctic grade cables.

Product information

Current Rating 16 Amp
Voltage Rating 110v
Incoming Amperage 16 Amp
Incoming Phase 1pH+N+E 110v
Outgoing Sockets 16A 1pH+N+E 110v 3Pin
IP Rating IP44 Splashproof
Cable type Arctic Grade
Connection to supply Cable with Plug
Length 25 Metre
Cable Diameter 2.5mm²
Number of Cores 3 Core
Warranty 12 Months
Spacing of Fittings 5 Metre
Country of Origin Made in UK
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