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Festoon Lighting Rubber Permanent Outdoor

When it comes to heavy duty permanent outdoor Festoon cables then you need to look no further. We have the only IP54 rated permanent outdoor rubber festoon cable, available, off the shelf or made to order with Bayonet Cap or Edison Screw options. Our Heavy-Duty festoon lighting range is manufactured to be strong with outstanding durability. Unlike many other products on the market that are PVC based, our outdoor rubber festoon lighting is designed specifically for all year-round outdoor use and is made of the highest weatherproof materials.

Available with a 3 metre run in with either a 13amp or 16Amp commando plug. In lengths up to 150 metres with drops at 1 metre or 0.5 metre, it's ideal to use at outdoor garden parties, hanging lights, patio lights and other outdoor events.


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