Current Rating

Incoming Amperage

Incoming Phase

Outgoing Sockets

Incoming Appliance Protection

Outgoing Socket Protection

Pin Configuration

IP Rating

Voltage Rating

Housing Material

Cable type

Connection to supply


Cable Diameter

Mounting Style


Clamping Range


Wiring Option


Crimp or Screw Termination

International Standard

Application Directives

Terminal Cross Section

Temperature range

Country of Origin

Plugs Sockets & Adapters

The connectivity of power cables and equipment to your source of power has never been easier. Whether you're connecting via a Commando Plug, Commando Socket, Switched interlocked Socket, Wall Socket, Panel Socket or Container Socket, we have all the best products to suit. We also carry 19 pin Socapex standard, Powerlock single pole 400Amp, and the full range of Neutrik PowerCON connections.


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