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Plugs & Sockets


The PCE range of industrial plugs and sockets are ideal for the film TV stage event & marque environments. Made in the EU (Austria) it’s your guarantee of a great product at a great price. Available in IP44 or IP67 conforming to BS4343 or the new standard EN 60309-2 or IEC 60309-2. A number of configurations are available including 110v - 230v - 400v - 16Amp - 32Amp - 63Amp and 125Amp - 2P+E - 3P+E and 3P+N+E. PCE is specialized in the production of industrial plugs and sockets and distribution boxes, manufacturers of CEE plugs and sockets. EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.
The PCE Midnight Series Black, Stage Events Plugs & Sockets, with Screw Terminals or Quick connect options is the industry standard for the Film & Photographic studios, extremely high quality products build to last.

PCE is a world leader in the development and production of industrial plugs and sockets. Made in Austria.