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PowerCON (Neutrik)

Neutrik PowerCON grey and PowerCON True 1 male a female connectors,NAC3FCA, NAC3FCB,NAC3MX-W,NAC3FX-W,Panel in/out, made up cables are all in stock. Ask about our PowerBOX Rubber PowerCON splitters and adapters, plus our Socapex to PowerCON break out boxes, truss ready with M10 threading.PowerCON Blue to Grey and PowerCON True 1 made up cables using as standard H07RN-F 1.5 or 2.5mm 3 core cable, available in many lengths. 13Amp to PowerCON, 16Amp to PowerCON, or simply PowerCON or PowerCON True 1 extension cables. Many lengths are in stock, made to order is typically 3 or 4 days



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PowerCON 32 Amp Plug NAC3-2FC (Neutrik)

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