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PowerCON (Neutrik)

Neutrik PowerCON Grey/Blue and PowerCON True 1 TOP male a female connectors,NAC3FCA NAC3FCB NAC3MX-W NAC3FX-W,Panel in/out, made up cables are all in stock. PowerBOX Rubber PowerCON splitters and adapters,Socapex to PowerCON break out boxes, truss ready with M10 threading.PowerCON Blue to Grey and PowerCON True 1 TOP made up cables using as standard H07RN-F 1.5 or 2.5mm 3 core cable, available in many lengths. 13Amp to PowerCON, 16Amp to PowerCON, or simply PowerCON or PowerCON True 1 extension cables.


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PowerCON 32 Amp Plug NAC3-2FC (Neutrik)

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