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Powerlock 500A + 800A Connectors

Powerlock from Powersafe is a range of single pole electrical connectors used for high current, low voltage applications ( 1000V/ac and 1500V/dc). Powerlock connectors are available in 500A and 800Amp versions. Powersafe Powerlocks are available in Line Source, Line Drain, Panel Source & Panel Drain formats. Powersafe offers connectors to suit 10 different cable sizes, cross-sectional areas (from 25mm2 up to 300mm2. 500A connectors are used for cable sizes between 25mm& 150mm2 800A connectors are used for cable sizes between 185mm2  & 300mm2  It's the cable size, cross-sectional area (CSA termination), that determines which connectors are required. Powersafe Powerlock connectors are available with Set Screw termination for cables up to 120mm and with Crimped termination for cable sizes between 150mm & 300mmThe Powersafe set-screw M40A 120mm2  (= 382Amps) termination is the industry standard for cable with a CSA of between 25mm & 120mm2 A series of adapter bushings are available which can reduce the set-screw contact ID to suit the diameter of the cable being installed ie 95/70/35/25mmAdditionally, these  set-screw M40A 120mmconnectors can accept most H07RN-F cable of up to 150mm(= 441Amps)

Powerlock Region Colours

In an emergency power application, the generator is the source and would be fitted with Panel Source (panel-mount) connectors. A cable assembly is required to connect between the generator (source) and the item receiving the power (drain). This will usually have a drain connector on one end a source connector on the other

All of our Powersafe & PowerSYNTAX Powerlock connectors are fully compatible with Litton VEAM ITT Cannon versions.


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