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Powerlock (Powersafe) 500A + 800A

Powerlock is a range of single pole electrical connectors used for high current, low voltage applications. Powerlock connectors are available in 400A and 800A versions. VEAM Powerlock is a brand of ITT Cannon. Powersafe Powerlocks sets are available as Line Source & Line Drain format, both Panel and Inline. Device ampage is determined by cable size (termination). 300mm2-240mm2 power cable requires 800A plugs, 185mm2 - 25mm2 power cable is supplied with 500A plugs. The Powerlock source connector has a male pin and the drain connector has a female receptacle. The role of Male and Female connectors is the opposite to traditional usage in other designs of power Plugs and Sockets. All Powersafe source and drain electrical devices are fully compatible with Litton VEAM, 400amp and 660amp Powerlock, ITT Cannon and other manufacturers.



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