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Powerlock 500A + 800A Connectors

ITT Powerlock from Powersafe is a range of single pole electrical connectors used for high current, low voltage applications ( 1000V/ac and 1500V/dc). Powerlock connectors are available in 500A and 800Amp versions. Powersafe Powerlocks are available in Source (Male Contact / Female Insulator) & Drain (Female Contact / Male Insulator) format.
It's the cable size, cross-sectional area (CSA termination), that determines which connectors are required. Powersafe Powerlock connectors are available with Set Screw termination for cables up to 120mm and with Crimped termination for cable sizes between 150mm & 300mmThe Powersafe set-screw M40A 120mm2  (= 382Amps) termination is the industry standard for cable with a CSA of between 25mm & 120mm2 A series of adapter bushings are available which to suit the diameter of the cable being installed ie 95/70/35/25mmAdditionally, these  set-screw M40A 120mmconnectors can accept most H07RN-F cable of up to 150mm(= 441Amps)

Powerlock Region Colours

In an emergency power application, the generator is the source and would be fitted with Panel Source (panel-mount) connectors. A cable assembly is required to connect between the generator (source) and the item receiving the power (drain). This will usually have a drain connector on one end a source connector on the other, options are also available with M12 Lug connections.
The source connectors are intended to have their permanent connection at the supply of electrical energy (such as a connection to the electrical grid or an emergency generator), and the drain connectors are intended to have their permanent connection at the equipment receiving power. The role of male and female connectors is opposite to traditional usage in other designs of power connector -the Powerlock source connector has a male pin and the drain connector has a female receptacle. This does not however compromise safety because the gap between the plastic insulating cap on the male pin of the source connector and the surrounding plastic housing is too small to insert a human finger. The female drain connector also has a spring-loaded plastic cap to prevent dirt ingress and casual contact with the electrical contact; however with sufficient pressure this can be displaced with a finger


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