Current Rating

Voltage Rating

Incoming Amperage

Incoming Phase

Outgoing Sockets

Incoming Appliance Protection

Outgoing Socket Protection

Pin Configuration

IP Rating

Housing Material

Cable type

Connection to supply


Cable Diameter


International Standard

Application Directives

Temperature range

Country of Origin

Splitters & Adapters IEC60309

At Distribution Zone we offer a complete range of CEE17, IEC60309 Industrial Splitters and Adapters available in 13A, 16A, 32A, 63A, & 125Amp options . These are available in Single Phase and Three Phase, 110V 230V & 415V, IP44 or IP67. We also offer an extensive range of ITT Powerlock, Neutrik PowerCON, EU Schuko & SYNTAX Socapex, Splitters Adapters and Break Out Boxes. Available in stock or made to order.



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