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Switched Interlocked Socket Outlets

PCE ( made in Austria ) Switched Interlocked Sockets are of the highest quality and outstanding value. Featuring, mechanical interlock, lockable by padlock, top, bottom or rear entry, nickel plated contacts, IP 44 Splashproof or IP67 Watertight with Optional RCD.Technical data: stable design for wall mounting mechanical interlock:, after plugging and switching-on plug is locked after switching-off and unplugging  switch is locked, all components are mounted on the bottom large connecting area for wiring-through at switch-off position: lockable by padlock 
Advantage: compact design, small dimensions - space saving storage, all components are mounted on top as flanged version suitable for distribution boxes and boards ready wired for connection at switch-off postion: lockable by padlock enclosure made of shock-resistant thermoplastic material

approved acc. to EN 60309, ÖVE.

PCE is a world leader in the development and production of industrial plugs and sockets. Made in Austria.



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