PCE IMST Distro Box 32A 1pH+N+E 230V In/Out to 4 x 16A 230V 1pH+N+E RCBO + 4 x MCB's 9030182

Product description

Product weight: 3 kg

PCE 9030182 IMST Power Distribution Box

  • Incoming:

  • 32A 1pH+N+E 230V Appliance Inlet IP44

  • Protection: RCBO 32A 30mA 2P

  • Outgoing:

  • 1 x 32A 1pH+N+E 230V IP44 Socket / Through Socket

  • Outgoing:

  • 4 x 16A 1pH+N+E 230V IP44 Sockets IP44

  • Protection:  4 x MCB's Type 

PCE IMST Mobile thermoplastic distribution boxes are suitable for in- and outdoor areas. The boxes are available in different sizes and configurations, single phase or 3phase, 16Amp or 32Amp.
PCE IMST Mobile thermoplastic distribution boxes are well suited for all applications. Especially in those areas that depend on high-quality, a robust enclosure and total reliability, such as in industry, trade, workshops, agriculture, household, public buildings, leisure, sport, marinas, camping, etc.
For the price, the very best portable distro boxes you’ll find anywhere!


Mobile - Thermoplastic insulated distribution boxes - Series IMST

Series IMST

·         handy, robust distribution box made of shock-resistand polyamide
·         dimensions: WxHxD = 197x200x197 mm
·         with carrying-handle made of high-grade steel
·         maximum rated current of 32A
·         8 modules under window
·         IP44 splashproof, ready wired for connection
·         for distributing electricity to powered equipment or lighting systems on building sites
·         ideal for craft business, the building trades, farmers, etc.
·         housing colours: black or red
·         stackable, with take-up device for the connecting cable

  Available in many other different configurations; 16a or 32a, single phase or 3 phase. Call us to build yours.





Product information

KVA Line to Line Guide 7 KVA 32A 1pH
Incoming Amperage 32 Amp
Incoming Phase 1pH+N+E 230v Single Phase
Outgoing Sockets 16A 1pH+N+E 230v 3Pin
Outgoing Sockets Loop Through Socket Out
Incoming Main Circuit Breaker RCBO Type AC 30mA
Outgoing Circuit Breakers MCB Type C
Housing Material Thermoplastic
Connection to supply Appliance Inlet
Warranty 12 Months
International Standard BS EN 61439
Application Directives CE certified
Country of Origin Made in Austria
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