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Event Power Distro Box 125A 3pH+N+E 400V 12 x 32 +1 x 63A 3pH+N+E 400V MCB + RCBO's

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DZIES125-001M Alt 10149
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Portable Mains Event Power Distribution Unit 125A 3P+N+E 400V Panel Mount Inlet MCB

Primarily designed and manufactured for use within the events industry our range of portable event power distribution units provide all of the essential requirements for a successful installation.

  • Easy to install.
  • Reliable in operation.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • All switchgear is protected by hinged polycarbonate windows to allow access for operation and inspection of protection devices.
  • Sockets, switchgear & handles are all recessed to afford mechanical protection during transportation.
  • Integrated handles for easy transportation.
  • Integrated feet to facilitate stacking.
These distribution units are manufactured here in the UK and are tested to ensure compliance with BS7671. All are issued with full test certification (12 month warranty).

These units can be built to your individual specification, please call or email us with your requirements
Manufactured from 300-grade medium density black polypropylene sheet and of a fully
welded construction. Sockets / Switchgear access windows and handles are all recessed to
afford mechanical protection. All fixings are stainless steel.
This unit
    125A 3P+N+E 400V IP67 Panel Inlet
    125A 4P Type C MCB
  • Phase present indication neons.
  • Outgoing Circuits:
  • 6 x 16A 1P+N+E 230V IP44 Sockets
    PROTECTION: Individual 16A 2P 30mA RCBO
  • Outgoing Circuits:
  • 12 x 32A 1P+N+E 230V IP44 Sockets
    PROTECTION: Individual 32A 2P 30mA RCBO
  • Outgoing Circuits:
  • 2 x 32A 3P+N+E 400V IP44 Sockets
    PROTECTION: Individual 32A 4P 30mA RCBO
  • Outgoing Circuits:
  • 1 x 63A 3P+N+E 400V IP67 Socket

KVA Line to Line Guide 87 KVA 125Amp 3pH
Incoming Amperage 125 Amp
Incoming Phase 3pH+N+E 415v 3Phase
Outgoing Sockets 16A 1pH+N+E 230v 3Pin
Outgoing Sockets 32A 1pH+N+E 230v 3Pin
Outgoing Sockets 32A 3pH+N+E 415v 5Pin
Outgoing Sockets 63A 3pH+N+E 415v 5Pin
Incoming Main Circuit Breaker MCB Type C Curve
Outgoing Circuit Breakers RCBO Type A, C Curve 30mA (AC + Pulsating DC)
Housing Material Polypropylene
Connection to Supply Appliance Inlet
Warranty 12 Months
International Standard BS7671
Country of Origin Made in UK