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Powerlock Powersafe Sequential Boxes 800A


Powersafe ITT CANNON Powerlock Sequential Mating Boxes are available as source or drain versions. Available with either 5 ports or 4 ports (no neutral). Alternatively, ask us about a Dummy Plug to temporarily turn a 5 port box into a 4 port box. The straight front panel has two panel sizes, 88mm (2U) and 108mm (4U).The Powersafe Sequential box can be panel-mounted, providing the most cost-effective solution, or brought out to an external or safe position. Large power connections can be catered for by stacking the units allowing for even the largest of low-voltage supplies to be connected in a safe way. Typical Applications for Powerlocks include three phase motors, generators, load banks, lighting distribution. Powerlock connectors can be found in many diverse areas such as; Load Banks, Outdoor Concerts, Sporting Events, Outdoor Broadcast, Theatres, Construction & Agriculture.
In an emergency power application, the generator is the source and would be fitted with Panel Source (panel-mount) connectors. Typically a cable assembly is required to connect between the generator (source) and the item receiving the power (drain). This will usually have a drain connector on one end a source connector on the other