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Portable Solid Rubber Distro 16A-63Amp

Portable Rubber Power Distro Boxes and splitters are available in 16A 32 & 63Amp configurations in both 1pH+N+E 230V and 3pH+N+E 415V options. With a variety of incoming power connections, Socapex, PowerCON, PowerCON True1, Appliance Inlet IEC309 or CEE17 Trailing plug. With many outgoing options such as 13Amp, Schuko, PowerCON, PowerCON True 1, MK Commando, with or without MCB or RCBO protection. Many items are on the shelf however built to order solutions are very popular. Contact us to build your bespoke distro box or splitter. The units are CE Marked and conform to EC 61439-1/2 (EN 61439-1/2) with 12 months warranty. Supplied with either PCE Midnight Series Black or, standard PCE Red & Blue Plugs and Sockets​.