Gender-Role Identity

Cable Size Selector ( Crimp or Screw Terminal )

Product Item Identity

Protective Cap Gender

Clamping Range

Cable Diameter mm²

Generator Tails

Current Rating Range

KVA Line to Line Guide

Pin Configuration Arrangement.

Voltage Rating Range


Incoming Amperage

Incoming Phase

Outgoing Sockets

Incoming Main Circuit Breaker

Outgoing Circuit Breakers

IP Rating

Housing Material

Cable type

Connection to supply

Mounting Style

Number of Cores


Wiring Option

Spacing of Fittings

International Standard

Application Directives

Terminal Cross Section

Temperature range

Country of Origin


Number of Bulbs

Commodity Code HS


At Distribution Zone we stock an extensive range of Industrial Plugs & Sockets from manufacturers such as: PCE, P3 Powerlock, PowerBOX, SYNTAX Socapex, NEXANS Lineax, Mennekes, Marechal, Masterplug, Permaplug, plus many others. These products are ideal for the Film, TV, Stage, Event and Marque environments. All products supplied are made in the EU conforming to CEE17 BS4343 or EN 60309-2 or IEC 60309-2. Buy easily online, buy over the phone or simply ask for a quotation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.


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