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Powerlock In-Line Drain Cable Connector





Powersafe Powerlock Single Pole Connectors come in either 500A or 800A options and are available in both in-line and panel format. The in-line connectors are used on cable for extension leads and the panel connectors are mounted on equipment such as generators and power distribution boards. Powerlock connectors are not labelled in the typical male and female fashion and are referred to as source and drain. In a typical setup the source is used on the supply end, with the drain on the receiving equipment requiring power.

Powersafe in-line connectors are designed to suit 10 different cable sizes, from 25mm2 - 300mm2 CSA. They are available in either set screw termination for cables up to 150mm2 or crimp termination for cable sizes between 150mm & 300mm.

It's the cable size, cross-sectional area (CSA), that determines which in-line connectors are required. The 500A set screw 120mm2 M40 connectors are typically used for all cable sizes between 25mm& 150mm2 with all other sizes moving to crimp termination. A series of adapter bushings are available between 25mm- 95mm2 which can reduce the set-screw contact to suit the diameter of the cable being installed. For cable sizes between 185mm2  & 300mm2  simply choose the connectors with the appropriate crimp size to fit the cable.

All Powersafe Powerlock Connectors are fully compatible with Litton VEAM ITT Cannon versions.

As Powerlocks are single pole, each line is represented by a colour. Powerlocks are utilized internationally and the chart below demonstrates the colour designated to each particular line. Please see the EU & International colour chart below to determine which lines are suitable for your requirements.

Powerlock Region Colours